Nov. 30th, 2011 07:00 pm
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Almost done with The Shiny!

Quick dinner break and all that needs to be done is a little clean up!  :D


Nov. 28th, 2011 08:21 pm
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Problem solved!

I upgraded my OS to Snow Leopard over the weekend.  It didn't occur to me that I needed updated drivers to run on OSX10.6...
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Why the frack is my MacBook NOT recognizing my tablet?!

*scrounges around for tablet drivers*

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I still have too much work to finish by the COB Friday.  And I'm still damn near useless when I get home in the evening.


I'm suppose to be finishing up the Shiny for flamethrower this week and so far I haven't been able to muster the energy to pick up my tablet at all.  I'm just going to have to sequester myself away at the library this weekend to finish drawing.




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Seriously, WTF?!

When the boss asked me to take on a few cases outside our technology area I did not realize that I would be signing on for a shit ton of anxiety and stress.  Coming home four days in a row with migraines the size of Texas and the inability to do much of anything else for the rest of the night but recover is not cool.

...and I still have a month of I see any relief.


And why am I seeing crickets in my three floor apartment?!?!  Every time I turn around another little (some not so little) bugger is hopping across my living room floor...

...hanging out on top of my shower curtain (how the hell did you get up there?!)...

...jumping out of my washing machine when I'm loading towels in...


Excuse me while I go lay down and hope that one dose of Relpax takes care of this migraine.

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High rise office building in Northern VA + earthquake = not cool

Still freaked out.



Aug. 19th, 2011 05:08 pm
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*kicks muse in the ass*

Stop getting sidetracked with Snarry matter how fabulous they are!


I still don't have anything drawn for EW book 2.  At the rate I'm going I think I'm going to focus on the 4 sketches I did work out and flesh them out.  I'm just so easily distracted!  Snarry, Millennium Falcon LEGO set, watching Beelzebub...

*ooooooh, shiny!*



So easily distracted.  ^_^;

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*stares at sketch pad*


*realizes that all four pics are for Ebony Wings 4th and 5th book*

... *facepalm*

I need to go back and figure out a couple for the 2nd and 3rd!

*goes back to doodling*
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It's been forever since I've actually written anything other than Office Actions.  This struck me while I was finishing my lunch ^^; 
Yay for 5 minute no deleting speed fiction writing!

Title: Final Fantasy
Fandom: TPM
Pairing: Obi/Qui
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 175
Summary: Qui-Gon has a little problem.

Final Fantasy

"Sith hells Obi-Wan!  Would you hurry up and finish this?"
Obi-Wan quirked an eyebrow.  "I'm sorry Master. I don't think I want to."
Qui-Gon clenched a fist, suppressing the groan welling up in his chest.  Of all this times to be disobedient my padawan had to choose this moment? "I'm almost there Obi-Wan..." 
Slouched against the corner of the couch, Obi-Wan planted his right foot up on the cushion next to Qui-Gon's hip.  "It's not that hard Master."
"You don't call this hard Padawan?!"  Qui-Gon sputtered, pointing down at his lap.  I sound so pathetic.
Qbi-Wan hummed, "I thought you wanted me to be hands off today."
"That was over an hour ago Padawan!"
"I don't know..." 
"Padawan, please."
"Well, since you asked so nicely."  Obi-Wan snaked an arm over Qui-Gon's lap and picked up the abandoned game controller. 
"It's really not all that hard Master.  You simply need to add a few more paradigms to your deck." 
Qui-Gon pursed his lips and gestured vaguely at the display screen.  "What's wrong with Relentless Assault?"

Qui-Gon plays Final Fantasy XIII

I never knew Obi-Wan was such a back seat gamer!
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*whimpers*  It has been a long time since I read a story that had me sobbing through the last two chapters...and well after I was done reading.

I'm usually not a HarryxDraco fan but this was very well crafted!

A Certain Kind of Memory:

*still recovering*


Sep. 14th, 2010 08:07 pm
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*runs around the apartment*  Kamelot's new album Poetry for the Poisoned was at my door when I got home from work today!  

It's a big departure from their past two albums but I find it just as enjoyable as The Black Halo.  Khan's voice makes me melt *fans self*

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I've been meaning to start a new journal somewhere other than LJ for some time now (mainly so I can post some of my more risque fan art that I don't want certain people knowing about). So I decided to follow [personal profile] thedeadcat and leave LJ! \(^_^)/

Speaking of drawing, I recently purchased a Wacom Bamboo tablet. It is definitely a new experience. Hand-eye coordination is completely different than traditional drawing. It's just going to take some getting use to.

To get things started, I'll post my most recent piece! To celebrate a new journal and my first attempt at drawing anything on a tablet! :D

Echizen and Karupin by ~Kenobisgal on deviantART


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